Looking after your beer

I bought Cans:
please store upright and cold in the fridge, pour carefully as cans can contain live yeast.

I bought a Minikeg:
Keep it in a fridge or at a proper temperature, my fridge is set to 4c.
Once opened via the vent and the serving tap pulled out I pour my first pint and then Close the vent.
The next pint, I open the vent, pour a pint and close the vent, and so on.
The beer in minikeg does go flat, this is a fact of life because you have to open then vent.
Best drunk within 3-4 days (These are our own findings).

I bought a 10L or 20L Box:
Store at 10-12c, this could be your cellar or a Fridge.
With the box upright, access the tap and put in position, if there is an excess of gas in the bag this can be vented off now.
Lay the box down and allow the yeast to settle, approx 24 hours as this beer is exactly as the pub would get, so you can expect a little yeast on first serving. Do not move the box as this could disturb the yeast sediment.
Drink fresh, the beer will keep for a good while because no air enters the bag when serving, for best results drink within 7 days.